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Discovering Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Updated: Jan 15

Discovering Inspiration in the Unexpected

Lessons from a World Class ... Poker Player

Yes, you read that right. Phil Hellmuth is a an American professional poker player who has won a record seventeen World Series of Poker bracelets. (Seventeen as of today. I'm sure there are more to come.) In my recent research to become a better poker player myself, I found an amazing poem he wrote that resonated with me. Maybe it will to you as well proving that inspiration can come from various different places.

The man had a dream

He knew what he wanted, it seems

Once he was sure in his heart this was it

He vowed someday that he would achieve it

He wasn’t quite ready to do his thing

But he felt fairly certain what the

future would bring

When one day the time was right

When he was ready to fight the good fight

He conquered all his excuses and set forth

To take the risk-fraught first step

without any remorse

Once he took the first step down the line

The universe conspired to help make sure

he was fine

He never dreamed he would accomplish so much

That the universe would give him such

incredible luck

Now older and wiser he understood the hardest part

Was convincing himself that it was time to start

-Phil Hellmuth

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