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The Power of Being Coachable

The Power of being Coachable

Think back to your school days. Was there a teacher, sponsor, or coach who gave you inspiration or kindness that helped you stand taller or feel better? How did they do that? Was it holding you accountable when you didn’t want to do something? Was it helping you see the talents and strengths you already possessed, but you didn’t know you had?

Those people are somehow always in the back of our head. Their words stay with us. My flag football coach when I was young told me once that I was very coachable. I loved that. I always liked to please the adults in my life. I have always remembered that. Why? Because I always want to remain coachable. I want to listen to those that have something to teach me. Sometimes, I do find myself fighting others’ advice, but then I remember to remain coachable, and try again. Being coachable doesn't mean I don't stand up for my ideas, but I remember to listen to the options available to me.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a person like that helping you even as an adult? Someone to help you find your hidden talents. Someone to keep you accountable for what you say you will do. Someone who will really listen to you and guide you on your way. A life coach can be that person for you.

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