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Moving Forward after Pivotal Moments

  • Have you had a pivotal moment that has changed everything?

  • Have you gone through a critical illness, the loss of a loved one, or other incident that has you redefining who you are?

  • Is it time to use that upheaval to pivot your life's trajectory?

  • Do you find your regular sources of guidance don't understand how this experience has changed you?

Plan Change Turn Coach
  • Those weed-covered rocky paths are challenges we never asked for. With each of my cancer diagnoses, how I saw myself changed drastically. With the loss of each of my parents, I made major pivots in my life.
  • My best pivot was when my husband and I sold our house and almost everything in it, bought an RV, and hit the road. No worries, I’m not going to push you toward buying an RV. I’m not going to push you toward anything. I’m going to help you find your own pivot
  • Instead of just going back to "normal" (whatever that is), I paved a new path.
Life Coach  illness
Yes, that's me hiking a weed-covered rocky path.
The sunset at the top was beautiful.
Life Coach Plan Changes
  • I offer a safe space and an empathetic heart to allow you to share your crazy dreams and turn them into reality.

  • As a certified life coach, I can guide you toward your next adventure.

  • With goal-planning and action steps, you'll move past that illness or loss and make your new path extraordinary!

  • You've already learned that life is too short. Let's do the work together to make this pivot amazing.

  • Let's talk today. Don't waste another minute.

with Kathi Wells Macomber

Life Coach Change Planning

Pivotal Pathways Coaching

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